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What is hair micropigmentation?2018-08-10T20:08:08+00:00

Hair micropigmentation is the innovative solution of baldness.

Dr. Aliona Carval designs hundreds of micro-spots from the color of your hair, in the bald spots through the micropigmentation device.

The dots are the size of the follicles and occupy the entire bald area.

This treatment creates the appearance of shaved hair to people without hair or adds density to areas with little hair in order to remove the transparences.

It can be created several forms of hair line (oval, rounded, square and angular) to people who have lost hair in the frontal zone.

Before working the profissional creates your preferred form of hair with a marker/pencil.



Hair Micropigmentation Advantages2018-08-09T21:48:09+00:00
  • maximum density
  • natural drawing
  • quick solution
  • comfort and safety
Prices and services2018-08-10T19:52:30+00:00

hair inserts


deep entrances

on the budget



front progressive

on the budget





back of the head


front of the head progressive

on the budget

hair failures

on the budget

whole head

on the budget

Who can do it?2018-08-10T19:58:27+00:00

Every people who aim to improve the appearance of scalp.

 It is applicable in situations of:

  • all cases of alopecia
  • hair failures
  • transparencies on the scalp
  • partial or total hair loss
  • intensification of the color of the scalp
  • reconstruction of the front line drawing of the hair
  • partial or total reconstruction of the scalp
  • increased density of the scalp in the implant area
  • scar in strip caused by transplantation
  • small scars at the sites from which they extracted the hair (from the donor zone) to the – implant
  • all kinds of scars
How long will the treatment take?2018-08-10T19:59:45+00:00

The time of treatment time is individual, it depends on the treated areas.

How long does the result take?2018-08-10T20:01:20+00:00

The result lasts approximately:

5 years;

Retouch lasts approximately:

2 years.

Does the treatment hurt?2018-08-10T20:02:17+00:00

Before the treatment is applied a topical anesthetic cream to eliminate some pain and discomfort

What are the pigments/colors used?2018-08-10T20:03:30+00:00

We use high quality pigments for the treatment, one hundred per cent natural, having European Union certification and dermatological tests.

The colors are chosen according to each customer’s hair.

We do not use tattoo pigments!


It’s required the hydration indicated by the professional of the place where the procedure was performed.

Free evaluation appointment2018-08-10T20:05:41+00:00

We invite you to have a free appointment and it lasts approximately 15 minutes.

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